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Cosmetic Service, the way it should be

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Dr. Zoe Haines GP is the founder and Clinic Director of Fresh Faced Medical Aesthetics launching in Bath and Corsham this December. She will be providing a bespoke service to all of her clients, achieving natural results and a refreshed appearance ready to take on the New Year.

In our ever-stressful world; allowing some time to focus on ourselves is so important to our general wellbeing. Looking our best on the outside lets our inner confidence shine through. I want my clients to feel their very best inside and out” said Dr. Zoe, Founder and Clinic Director.

Both clinics will be offering advice in skin care, products and treatments. With virtual skin consultations as well as an additional service. Stocking a wide selection of beautiful medical grade cosmetics, all available for purchase and Dr. Zoe is happy to advise on products suited to the individual.

With constant updates on skin care and rejuvenating techniques, Dr. Zoe works with the best established and safest treatments available. To offer piece of mind to all her clients.

“Zoe’s approach is a gentle one. After an initial appointment to discuss what I thought I wanted, Zoe advised I didn’t need so much treatment the first time. She was right. I loved the results. The knowledge and care from Dr. Zoe throughout the process and follow up appointment made me feel at ease and looking a few years younger!” Hannah 44, Wiltshire.

To celebrate the end of 2020 and the new locations of her Clinic, Zoe will be offering 30% off all treatments until the end of December. Prices range from £100 - £200 (including discount)

Give Zoe a call today to discuss looking fresher faced for Christmas.

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